Products from a granite


Granite. Stone products

For many centuries the mankind has been using natural granite as one of the most reliable construction materials. Objects, built of stone, are associated with eternity, reliability, respectability. Granite plate is traditionally considered to be the best material for paving footworks, paths, plots. Stairs of natural stone will not only look beautiful and rich, but also provide a long service for people.

Our company proposes to buy this material wholesale, to buy granite plates, slabs and other products, manufactured of this noble stone.

Granite stairs

Such stairs serve for centuries, they became the attribute of the eternity due to their unsurpassed properties. Granite stairs practically do not yield to wear, and environment factors introduce no visible impacts upon them. The stone has unique stippling and variety of coloring, and due to this the architects use it with pleasure both for facing of indoor rooms, and for external facing. It is undemanding in service, and this feature adds popularity to this stone.



Granite window sills

We propose elegant, beautiful window sills made of granite. The products has excellent texture, and variety of coloring allows to match the window sills for any interior. Aesthetics of window sills will ennoble the room; it will give it an impressive, respectable appearance. Such window sills do not require painting, polishing or any other maintenance, it is sufficient to just wiper the dust slightly. Besides that, such products will serve for very long time to many generations.


Granite table tops

Table tops made of natural stone stopped to be the attributes of unachievable luxury long ago. Today the table tops made of this material and delivered by our company are used in quit budget models of kitchen furniture. Such table tops will provide heat resistant and moisture-resistant surfaces.


Granite plates

Natural stone is the ideal variant for making facing plates. Granite plates, which price depends, first of all, on their size, are distinguished by their wonderful strength, high level of wear-resistance. "Everlasting stone" plate, due to its excellent properties, is the best material for paving garden paths, footworks, and in some cases even floors.


Granite paving blocks

Paving block is a practical road carpet, which is distinguished not only by aesthetics of external appearance, but also by excellent resistance to impact on environmental factors, to various mechanical influences and impact of chemical substances. If the rules of paving blocks laying are observed, such road carpet will not require repair for a long time.

Stroykamen company proposes high-quality natural granite and products made of it to its potential buyers. We, as the manufacture of granite slabs, can render such a service, as "granite slabs at carload rates", to our bulk buyers. Our technical basis and equipment allows us to process the stone surfaces with high quality, to create various decorative items of such stone, as granite. It is possible to deliver stone and products made of it to Kiev and other cities in Ukraine.

Selling of granite slabs is a well arranged area of our activities, so all the process in work with our clients are well organized and realized in scheduled terms.